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Porsche PCM Repair

Porsche Example Boxster (ALL models apply)


Mission: To repair the Porsche PCM & Navigation systems


The customer had a fault with his Porsche navigation system, the navigation had a read error on the PCM screen. In addition the Porsche PCM unit also had an error with the MOST system, we took the PCM unit and the navigation unit out of the car for repair.

Our engineer repaired both units within 48hrs and we re-installed them in his car. We ran a full test with our diagnostic systems, and it passed with flying colours. It's worth noting the amplifiers in these cars are a common complaint but in this car it was fine (we can repair the Porsche amplifiers made by BOSE as well). 

Cartronics have full bench test facilities to repair, program and even code Porsche PCM, PCM1, PCM2, PCM3 and even PCM3.1

We also repair all Porsche BOSE speakers and Harman Becker products. Again, we offer full bench test facilities to repair units fast, and to the highest standard.

Bring your car to us for a fast turnaround on PCM repairs to audio & navigation systems at our workshop in Surrey.
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Porsche PCM repair service

We can repair fast same day Porsche PCM radio screens (LCD), MOST Bose amplifiers (amps), nav (navigation) units, CD (Cd changers) Ask Amplifiers. Any faults with CD or DVD not working, faulty non working units , odd sounds via your speaker systems we can repair. Not sure what is wrong we can diagnose for you, we use full dealership programming systems for all coding issues, including CD Error, Navigation error, Changer error, Phone error. SIM card tray broken, no sound or lack of bass? FSC coding & enabling.

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