If we receive your unit in the morning we can repair & return the same day

Cartronics GB can repair any Porsche audio components including PCM units (the screen part in the dashboard), amplifiers, navigation and phone modules. We repair units in house at our workshop and most repairs can be completed with 24hrs. Every unit is tested on our bench with full running system checks. This includes the ability to power up units and run full fibre optic MOST tests.

We check units, locate faults and repair. This makes for a perfect repair every time, no guess work or random replacement of parts. We also program previously repaired units if necessary with new VIN number and/or MOST control list to remove any boot up errors (we offer this service with PCM in or out of car). Most of the components in the Porsche are linked by MOST fibre optic systems and errors on the PCM do not automatically lay fault with PCM. If you can bring your car into us we will diagnose the problem precisely and remove it for repair.

Our Porsche PCM Services

  • We repair all Porsche PCM units (Harman Kardon Becker) including:

    PCM 1, PCM 2, PCM 2.1, PCM 3, PCM 3.1, PCM 4, PCM 4.1 and PCM 5

  • We repair Porsche navigation computers and Porsche amplifiers including:

    BOSE, ASK & Burmester units

  • We perform Porsche PCM reboots, update, reprogram and reload software

  • We can load maps and marry up, or code your unit

  • We can diagnose any electrical fault in any Porsche

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    Send your unit to us early and we’ll return it the same day!

    We repair Porsche PCM radio screens (LCD), MOST Bose amplifiers (amps), nav (navigation) units, CD (CD changers) ASK Amplifiers and CDR23/CDR24 – FAST!

    Any faults with CD or DVD not working, faulty non working units, odd sounds via your speaker systems, we can repair. If you’re not sure what is wrong, we can diagnose for you.  We use full dealership programming systems for all coding issues, including CD errors, navigation errors, changer errors and phone errors. If your SIM card tray is broken, or has no sound or lack of bass, we can resolve. FSC coding & enabling.