If you have a Porsche and would like to enchance and / or retrofit any options we can help.

We can add any of these options to the original Porsche PCM radio system:

  • Digital Radio (DAB) fully controlled via the cars factory screen, sound quality is superb as it runs via the fibre optics.
  • iPhone intergration, control your iPhone via the PCM screen either by Bluetooth or Data Lead.
  • Bluetooth for hands free calling, no more SIM card just jump in the car and you’re ready to go.
  • USB or AUX, if you’re Android based listen to your music in high quality.
  • Apple CarPlay, we can retrofit Apple CarPlay with full integration with all the cars electronics, including steering wheel controls (and phone button), BOSE amplifier (no sound loss just pure digital delight). The Apple Carplay is a dream to all iPhone users.
  • Upgrade Factory speakers (if no BOSE fitted we can improve the sound with high end Focal speakers).
  • Add amplification (amp) to be used via the PCM (Porsce Radio) MOST system (fibre optics) this converts the cars factory optical system to any make of amp for no loss of sound.

We can now also offer full retrofits for Porsches with the new PCM 3 or PCM 3.1 from cars approx 2009 onwards.

  • Retrofit Porsche Bluetooth system
  • Retofit Apple CarPlay, the new Apple CarPlay system fully integrates with the cars speakers, amps and steering wheel control.
  • FSC enabling codes supplied and loaded.

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